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Mother day tea

It was great high tea in lovely Larosa Gardens. My music choices works well and atmosphere were created. Residents listened and faces fills of memories and good moments of their life. I had small table with roses and small cup of British bone china with rose. Scone and tea were great too!

Wedding entrance music

For many years Canon in D was favourite music for the wedding entrance. It is still suits many occasions but recent requests of other preferences appears too. Songs like Over The Rainbow or Thousand Years is another chose for the modern weddings that occurs in Natural environment like shore of ocean or even green park. Nature is absolutely wonderful setting for that event requires different and less formal ceremony music.
For the wedding in Parksville beach we would choose Thousand Years as an entrance song, it will perfectly matches with waves and wind of ocean shore as a natural sounds and accompaniment.

May performances

I excited to perform in two new senior houses in May and returning to La Rosa Gardens for Mother Day recital.
Another great event is Wine, Art and Music Festival that occur in Cowichan Wineries in May long weekend.
I am ready to perform with four different music sets.

Music is great therapy

As a music therapist I am working with seniors, and it is the valuable time for me too. Each session has theme and special repertoire. Sound has direct way to people hart and works as stress relieve. During the program there are time for meditation, music of nature, which connected human being with seasonal changes. From calm music that I choose in beginning, slowly emotions increase and proceeded to favourite by elder people retro songs. They imagine themselves young and healthy and memory goes into back time bringing new energy and refreshing emotions.
I am happy with my work, as an musician and a music educator.

Waiting for spring

It is only January but I am already have schedule for weddings in Summer!
With classic music for ceremony, learning few old and new favourite songs like Begin the Beguine and Thousand Years.
Beauty and Beast is song one Mother of Bride likes and of course I will add it for my repertoire too, usually I learn new songs for request of my clients.

Christmas program

Busy Christmas season took two month for music preparation and performing in few events. A lot of warm memories created in this time. Music for dark days lighted, joyful with ringing of bells.

Autumn Leaves recital on Thetis Island

It was clear autumn warm day, when I performed in Thetis Island community centre.
My dear friend Natasha helped me to set up hall for the concert. I was quite surprised when came to place and found Autumn decor inside of hall.

It was perfectly matching with choice of songs for that performance. I was thinking when created program of French chanson of 60th-70 as well movie songs of same time. Major piece was Autumn Leaves, and it was laid in title of whole program.

People in audience gave me warming applause and program went on same level of spirit.
It was amazing recital and I hope that I will return to Thetis Island and meet residents again for another season and program.

Tofino -music on the Middle Beach

Nature accompaniment of waves inspired me to play such a music as Swan by Saent-Sans. Transparent sound of waves like harp was perfect addition to violin piece. I was imaging perfect wedding on that beach, it could be romantic and memorable.

Playing on air

It was a wonderful Summer when I performed a lot on open air.

Thetis Island is a perfect location for outdoors playing. Capernwray Harbour College inspired me by it's idyllic and charming English country side scenery.

Wedding on Parksville beach

Over the Rainbow

What could be more romantic then wedding by the ocean! Parksville beach is destination for Amanda and Kevin wedding.
Beautiful bride appeared by accompany of Somewhere Over The Rainbow! All tense and thrilling came out with first notes of this melody.Song filled up wedding scene air with its magic.
I was feeling blessed by that beautiful ceremony

Wedding performance

It was a gorgeous day at Providence Farm where Carrie and Tyler wedding was going on. Lavender colour of wedding and greens around makes perfect duo. Canon by Pachelbel surrounded by pastoral settings gave to this wedding unique taste. Congratulations to you, Carrie and Tayler!